Coronavirus and the fur trade: news stories round-up

It is the news that shocked the world: around 17 million mink are being slaughtered in Denmark after a mutant strain of Covid-19 was found the have passed from Mink to humans, threatening the efficacy of future vaccines. It is upsetting to see so many animals killed in such high numbers and worrying to contemplate the potential threat to human health. Fur farming is a disaster for animal welfare and a risk human health. It is now important for governments to ban this cruelty once and for all. On this page we have collected a wide range of coverage on this issue, to keep a worried public of animal lovers up to date on this important issue. The Journal (Ireland) Concern about Denmark’s mutated coronavirus strain as testing begins at Irish mink farms Guardian, 9 November 2020 Denmark drops plans for mass mink cull after Covid mutation BBC News, 10 November 2020 ‘Mutant coronavirus’ seen before on mink farms, say scientists Guardian, 8 November 2020 UK scientists seek mutant Covid samples from Danish mink farms: BBC NEWS, 8 November 2020 What’s the science behind mink and coronavirus? DAILY MAIL, 7 November 2020 WHO SAYS MUTANT MINK CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK IN DENMARK IS ‘A CONCERN’. Danish news footage of mink slaughter, 1 November 2020 BBC NEWS Covid: Denmark removed from UK’s travel corridor list INDEPENDENT, 7 November 2020 Coronavirus: WHO experts study risk of mink fur farms worldwide spreading virus to humans after Denmark mutation INTERNATIONAL POLICY DIGEST, 7 November 2020 SCIENCE MAGAZINE, 30 October 2020 Ban Unsustainable Mink Production- Letter