Cambridge City Council

Henley Road Cambridge England CB5 GB

At a meeting of the Council on 18/10/18 a motion supporting a fur ban was passed with the following actions agreed:

    Accordingly Council resolves to ask the executive councillor to investigate the        legalities of:

  •  Prohibiting the sale of any product wholly or partially made with real animal fur  on Council owned land and at Council run or Council leased markets. This ban to cover such items as fur coats, vintage fur, fur shawls, garments with fur trim,  fur pompom hats, and fur accessories and trinkets. 

     And to look into

  • Supporting the Fur Free Markets campaign of the animal welfare charity, Respect for Animals, the UK’s leading anti-fur organisation,


  •  Becoming a signatory to the initiative.

We ask our supporters to contact the Executive member Cllr Rosy Moore and encourage the council to join our Fur Free Markets scheme.


Cambridge City Council has the following markets: Cambridge General & Sunday Market; All Saints Gardens Art & Craft Market.

Here is the Council’s response to our Freedom of Information request:

Q: Do you allow stall holders at your markets to sell real fur? (including small items such as knitted hats with fur bobbles, or key rings with fur trims etc.

A:   Yes.

The Council allows the sale of fur.

Real fur is cruel and unnecessary. Please urge the Council to ban the sale of real fur on their markets and adopt the official Fur Free Markets policy by contacting Rosy Moore, Executive Councillor for Environment & City Centre, email:

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