Cardiff Council

Cardiff CF10 4UW, United Kingdom
The response to our original FOI request contained inaccurate information.  Thanks to Cardiff based supporters for advising us, we were able to follow this up with the council and now have accurate information to share with you.  Apologies to anyone who was previously mislead by this listing.
Cardiff Council has the following markets: Street Markets are brought into the city centre in the following periods:
⦁ St Davids Day – Duration one week.
⦁ Spring – Duration two weeks.
⦁ Summer – duration two weeks.
⦁ Christmas – duration four weeks.
     These are operated by Craft folk.
Cardiff Central Market operates year round housing a variety of independent and/or small businesses.  This is operated by Cardiff Council.
Here is the Council’s response to our Freedom of Information request:
Q: Do you allow stall holders at your markets to sell real fur? (including small items such as knitted hats with fur bobbles, or key rings with fur trims etc.
A: Cardiff Council are not aware of any stalls in any of the Local Authorities markets selling items of real fur. Cardiff Council are happy to receive any information regarding this.
The Council allows the sale of fur. They have asked to see our Fur Free Markets policy to consider.
Real fur is cruel and unnecessary. Please urge the Council to ban the sale of real fur on their markets and adopt the official Fur Free Markets policy by contacting Councillor Huw Thomas, Leader of the Council, email: .

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