3 reasons to donate to the campaign against the cruel fur trade

The fur trade thinks that the Covid-19 crisis will stop us campaigning to save animals.

Prove them wrong. Donate today.

You might have seen that the fur trade’s mentality was recently expressed in a fur industry propaganda blog, which shockingly described the coronavirus crisis as a ‘small silver lining’ and ‘an opportunity’ for the fur trade, with animal protection organisations unable to mount effective campaigns.

Let’s show them a thing or two..

Here are 3 quick reasons to donate to the campaign against the cruel fur trade:

· The fur trade is weak- now is the time to strike hard.

Thanks to your support over recent years,  the fur industry is in a financial crisis. Right now, it is weaker than ever.

The major fur auction house Saga Furs has been forced to conduct its latest sale online, trying to sell the skins of millions of animals raised in terrible factory farm conditions, including mink, fox and finnraccoon.

Only 14% of the fox skins and  9% of finnraccoon skins offered were sold. Mink furs have only just been made available and are selling at higher rates but at dismally low prices – far below the cost of production. This is a financial disaster for the fur industry.

This may be a pivotal moment in the history of our campaign against fur, but we need your support to at this critical moment.

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·  Save The Seals

The annual barbarism of the Canadian seal hunt is beginning.

In the UK, Respect for Animals has been at the forefront of  this campaign for many years, playing a leading role in convincing the European Union to ban seal hunt imports. This has meant that more than a million fewer seals have been slaughtered in the cruelest way. But there is still much more to do.

Our Campaigns Director, Mark Glover, has often been on the front line of the campaign to save the seals, witnessing the Canadian seal hunt in person- much to the ire of the killers themselves.

DONATE to our campaign to help save the seals

· We can ban fur imports into Britain. Let’s get it done.

As the law stands, imports of fur into the UK are legal. The law must change. The import and sale of fur is allowed even though the main ways fur is obtained, including fur farming, are banned in the UK.

We are working with politicians and getting more support all the time. Imagine how good it would feel on the day a fur ban becomes law, knowing you had played your part?

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