Respect for Animals campaigns against the cruel and unnecessary international fur trade, believing fur farming and trapping to be morally indefensible.

Respect for Animals emerged in 1993, following the demise of Lynx which began the anti-fur campaign back in the mid 1980’s. By using innovative advertising and media campaigns such as the famous David Bailey ‘Dumb Animals’ poster and cinema commercial, consumer attitudes towards the wearing of fur in the UK have changed dramatically. Most department stores used to have fur salons and fur could be found almost everywhere on the high street. Now, more and more department and high street stores have adopted ‘fur free’ policies such as the Fur Free Retailer programme and the wearing of fur is no longer seen as acceptable.

Effective political campaigns run by Respect for Animals have led to fur farming being banned throughout the United Kingdom for over 10 years now. The leg-hold trap, the device most commonly used to catch animals in the wild, is deemed so cruel that its use has been banned in this country for over 50 years and in the EU for over 20 years. The trade in cat and dog fur is illegal in the EU and it is unlawful to trade in the products of cruel seal hunts throughout the EU.

What we stand for

The killing of tens of millions of animals each year for nothing more than the fur on their backs is wrong. It’s immoral and a crime against nature.

Gandhi said ‘The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.’ Animals killed for their fur are either trapped in the wild or reared in fur factory farms in tiny, barren wire cages. All this for a product nobody needs. Respect for Animals is here to give a voice to the countless and voiceless animals whose only crime is to have been born with beautiful fur.

We campaign peacefully but effectively and have a good record of achievement, securing a ban on fur factory farming throughout the UK and we have been at the forefront of the consumer campaign in the UK that has led to the closure of most fur outlets here. But there is so much more to do. The fur trade is massive, ruthless and a bully but Respect for Animals is determined to do whatever it can to bring it to an end.

The killing of animals for their fur is wrong and should be banned. Respect for Animals is working to persuade consumers not to buy fur and lobbies for legislation to make the selling of fur illegal. Many countries including the UK already ban the main methods of producing fur and so they stand accused of hypocrisy by allowing the trade in and sale of fur items.