ACT NOW: A Fur Free Europe Is Within Our Grasp


A new European Citizens Initiative (ECI) calling for a ban on fur farming, as well as the placing on the market of fur products is now under way.

EU citizens (not UK citizens) can sign the initiative here:

Sign for a Fur Free Europe

This is one of the most important animal welfare campaigns in history. We could, quite literally, put an end to the suffering of ten of millions of fur animals every year.

We have a unique and monumental opportunity to end the fur trade in the whole of the European Union – something beyond our dreams five years ago.

This is something we can and must make succeed.

Respect for Animals is in a pivotal position to help the ECI succeed by supporting signature collection in EU countries. ECI signatures have to be collected in a proscribed, verifiable manner. It is a costly process and requires our expertise and determination if we are to succeed.

We need your help to ensure an historic victory. Please send a donation today.

We have got to this point thanks to:

  • A legal opinion commissioned by Respect for Animals that shows the European Commission has the legal competence to ban fur farming- something it had previously denied
  • A scientific report that prove how cruel fur farming is and how flawed the fur trade’s defence of fur factory farming is
  • An environmental report published by Respect for Animals that exposes the shocking environmental damage caused by the fur industry

None of the above would have been possible for us without your generous help.

With your donation today, we are confident we can win this campaign, save millions of animals from the cruel fur trade and make a fur free Europe a reality.