Anger as UK government set to break promise to ban fur

The media in Britain is reporting that the government is set to U-turn on plans to end the import and sale of cruel fur.

Towards the end of last year, Environment minister Lord Goldsmith stated that the government would legislate to ban imports at “the earliest possible slot”.

That now appears to have been shelved.

The BBC has reported:

But it’s understood a ban on foie gras and fur imports is now likely to be dropped from the legislation, after a number of concerns raised by cabinet ministers.

Some – including Brexit opportunities minister Jacob Rees Mogg – have raised concerns about personal choice.

The BBC has been told that Mr Rees Mogg believes the government should not be imposing restrictions on consumers.

He has also argued the planned ban would have no impact on animal welfare in the UK.

A ban on the import and sale of real fur would have a major public support, as opinion polls have consistently shown.

Last summer, the UK government held Call for Evidence consultation on the fur market in Great Britain, under pressure to implement a UK fur import and sales ban. We understand that tens of thousands of people and organisations made submissions. However, despite repeated promises of a prompt publication, Defra has failed to produce any official response. Respect for Animals’ repeated requests for updates have been met with stony silence.

Please see below to download Respect for Animals’ evidence to the inquiry, showing why we need a Fur Free UK.


This broken promise by the government is not acceptable: the law must change. The import and sale of fur is still allowed even though the main methods fur is obtained, including fur farming, are banned in Britain.

Killing animals just for their fur is cruel and barbaric, and we must stop funding it by banning imports of real fur urgently.

Fur import bans have been successfully implemented elsewhere. There is a EU-wide ban on the import of domestic cat and dog fur and California is banning the sale of real fur.

The UK should take a lead and become the first European country to ban fur imports.

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