Canada Goose goes fur-free

The anti-fur movement is celebrating the news that the retail giant Canada Goose is to end its use of real fur in all its products. The company has been notorious for using coyote fur trims on its parka coats, taken from animals caught in cruel leghold traps in North America, methods banned in the UK and the European Union. The decision to bring this to an end is a major blow to the cruel and unnecessary fur industry.

In a statement, Canada Goose said:

“Today, Canada Goose announced that it will end the use of all fur in its products. This announcement is driven by its focus on its purpose-based platform, HUMANATURE, relentless innovation, and expanding lifestyle relevance. Through a phased approach, Canada Goose will end the purchase of fur by the end of 2021 and cease manufacturing with fur no later than the end of 2022.”

The move by Canada Goose is a further devastating blow to the fur trade’s baseless attempts to present itself as ‘sustainable’ through debunked schemes such as FurMark.

According to CNN:

“Thursday’s announcement is part of Canada Goose’s mission to become more sustainable. Earlier this year, it released it’s “most sustainable parka to date” that uses 30% less carbon and requires 65% less water during production compared to its current parka. The Toronto-based company said it’s committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2025.”

Respect for Animals welcomes this historic move and encourages all remaining fur-selling retailers to listen to consumers and adopt fur-free policies as a matter of urgency.

Thank you to all those activists who have devoted time, effort and money over the years trying to convince Canada Goose to ditch the cruelty of real fur.

The future of fashion is fur-free!