PETITION: Seals, dogs and cats need our help in post-Brexit trade talks.

Sign our petition to Liam Fox MP, Secretary of State for International Trade, calling for a guarantee to keep the import bans on seal products and dog and cat fur in post-Brexit trade deals

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The cruel and brutal seal hunt will soon be under way in Canada. Thousands of beautiful, innocent baby seals will be clubbed or shot – just for their fur.


“It is the most brutal sight I have ever seen…
They ran from one helpless seal to the next clubbing as many as they could..
Many were left squirming in agony.”

Mark Glover’s eyewitness report in 2006.

Respect for Animals was at the forefront of the successful campaign which saw the European Union ban the import of commercial seal products several years ago.  This has had a major impact: over 1.6 million fewer seals were killed in the years since the ban than in the same period before.

But still the hunt goes on and still thousands are killed.

Here’s what you can do today to help end this outrage forever..

Please, take 30 seconds to sign our letter to Liam Fox, the Secretary of State for International Trade, asking him to guarantee that the ban on cat and dog fur, plus products from commercial seal hunts, is non-negiotiable in any future trade deals.

We have a specific ask of him, but we can only acheive this through strong public pressure.

Here is our letter to Liam Fox in full:


Dear Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox Mp, Secretary of State for International Trade,

Each year, in early Spring, harp seals migrate south to the east coast of Canada to give birth to their pups, where the hunters cruelly kill them as they lie helpless. This year’s killing is due to start over the next few weeks.

Seal pups between 3 weeks and 3 months of age are brutally shot, clubbed and skinned. Their carcasses are left to rot on the ice or dumped into the ocean.
Seals are dying needlessly for an industry that wouldn’t exist but for Canadian government subsidies. Most of the world no longer needs or wants seals products.
Similarly, tens of thousands of fur seal pups are clubbed to death on the beaches of Namibia each summer.

Repelled by the extreme cruelty involved, the UK was at the forefront of the European Union ban on the import of commercial seal products.

Similarly, the import of domestic dog and cat fur is also banned into the EU and therefore the UK for the same reasons.

Reports indicate that, under the ‘Great Repeal Bill’ this legislation will become British law, but that Parliament will be able to repeal or amend the measures if it chose.

The general public of the UK oppose cruel seal hunting and as well as the killing of dogs and cats for their fur. 79 percent of UK residents believe that the annual Canadian seal hunt should be stopped and a similar percentage support the ban on the import of dog and cat fur.

Taking into consideration the unnecessary and extreme cruelty involved that people in Britain  have made clear they want nothing to do with, Respect for Animals, and all those who have added their name to this letter, are asking you to guarantee now that, post Brexit, the EU bans on imports of commercial seal products and dog and cat fur will remain in place in the UK and be non-negotiable in future trade deals.