Furberry no more? Ask Burberry to go fur free

For years we’ve been campaigning against Burberry’s sick obsession with fur. But now they’re reviewing all of their fur products, with a viewing to ending their use. This would be a great victory for the anti-fur campaign and a major blow for the morally bankrupt fur industry.

Please send emails to customer.service@burberry.com, urging them to become Fur Free Retailers.

Suggested text is below.

I am encouraged to see the news that Burberry is reviewing its use of fur. I have previously felt unable to buy from your brand because of your extensive use of real fur and would  urge you to take the humane and responsible step of ending the use of real fur in your products.

You will be aware of recent decisions by other global fashion brands to end their use of fur, attracting good publicity worldwide as members of the  official Fur Free Retailers programme.  Fur Free Retailers is a growing, global initiative  run by the Fur Free Alliance, coordinated by Respect for Animals in the UK.

It is with good reason that brands, designers and high street outlets are becoming fur-free. Fur is inherently cruel and there is no such thing as ‘ethical’ fur. Indeed, the UK government, along with a number of others have banned fur farming recognising this widespread, severe and totally unnecessary level of animal suffering.

If you have any doubts about the poor welfare experienced by animals in fur farms, you can see the latest scientific  evidence in this Respect for Animals report: https://respectforanimals.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/WELFUR_REPORT_WEB.pdf

The fur trade is one of the most unethical industries on the planet and I strongly urge Burberry to end the use of real fur in all its products as soon as possible.