Mulberry becomes a Fur Free Retailer

Leading British lifestyle brand, Mulberry, has joined the international Fur Free Retailer initiative, showing its commitment to become a more compassionate Corporate Socially Responsible retailer.

Founded in 1971, Mulberry has more than 100 outlets in North America, Europe and the Far East, as well as the UK.

With this decision Mulberry has further highlighted that the most exciting and innovative fashion trends are saying no to fur. It is becoming increasingly clear that the future of fashion is fur free.

Mark Glover, Campaigns Director for Respect for Animals -which leads the FFA’s Fur Free Retailer programme in the UK- said: “Thank you to Mulberry for making a formal commitment not to use real fur in the future. The fur industry is a barbaric trade, causing untold suffering to innocent animals just for the fur on their backs. We are today a step closer to a fur free world. ”

Fur Free Retailers is an initiative that Respect for Animals runs in the UK.  Worldwide more than 1000 retailers in some 25 countries have joined the scheme. Many British companies have committed in writing to the Fur Free Retailer programme. By signing up, these outlets have proven that they are socially responsible and are opposed to the cruelty of the fur trade.

A list of retailers- and more on the initiative- can be seen here: