PETITION: Canada Goose, stop using real fur and become a Fur Free Retailer

Gucci have done it. Michael Kors has done it. Armani, Hugo Boss, many high street retailers.. the list goes on. They are all official Fur Free Retailers.

But some companies still use and sell real fur ‘harvested’ from astonishingly cruel practices.  This can’t go on. Fur belongs in the past.

One of the worst offenders is Canada Goose.

That’s why we are supporting this new petition.

Canada Goose produce jackets with real coyote fur trims, from animals trapped in the wild, who have suffered pain and distress. The practice of trapping, using steel jawed leg-hold traps (long banned in the UK), causes animals to suffer pain and injuries, sometimes for days. In their desperate attempts to escape some even chew off their trapped limbs. The use of leg-hold traps is banned across Europe (including the UK) due to their inherent cruelty yet it is still legal to import the fur of animals caught in them. This hypocrisy must end.

Late last year Canada Goose opened a store in London, which was met with huge protests. Canada Goose responded by applying for a court injunction. The outcome did not go as they planned with the judge ruling that Canada Goose’s actions ‘unreasonably restricted people’s right to freedom of assembly and expression’.
Shame on Canada Goose for using fur from animals trapped in this way.

Please sign the petition here.