Progress for a Latvia fur farm ban

A fur farming ban in Latvia is a step closer as a bill advanced to the next stage.

PLSM, public broadcaster of Latvia, reported that on Thursday, September 16, ‘the Saeima advanced amendments to the Animal Protection Law submitted by several deputies of the Saeima factions, which provide for a ban on fur farming to be implemented as of 2026’. The vote was won by 46 to 32.

The amendments would be likely to enter into force on January 1 2026 and do not ban obtaining fur by hunting or the sales of fur, only fur farming (like many other European countries).

The preamble to the Animal Protection Law states, “no one is allowed to kill, hurt, cause suffering or otherwise harm an animal without a justified reason”. This would ban the cruel breeding and killing of foxes, minks and chinchillas in terrible conditions just for their fur.

The bill was submitted by 11 out of 100 MPs, from all parties except the one of Minister of Agriculture. Technically this vote is just for bringing the bill to the responsible commission, meaning the bill requires three more readings and votes to follow. However, this is considered progress by Respect for Animals Fur Free Alliance colleagues at Dzivnieku Briviba when compared to 2015 when a similar bill didn’t pass even this stage.

It is currently believed that there are eight cruel fur farms in Latvia. An opinion poll from 2015 found that a clear majority of Latvians (64%) oppose fur farming in the country.