Show your support for a fur farming ban in Czech Republic

A bill is being proposed by Members of Parliament in the Czech Republic to ban fur factory farming.  This is a great opportunity to save tens of thousands of animals from lives of suffering, misery and painful deaths.  Over 20,000 mink and foxes are killed for their fur in the Czech Republic every year.

Your help is urgently needed,

Please email the Czech Republic’s ambassador to the UK, His Excellency Libor  Sečka, informing him of your  objection to fur farming and of your support for a ban on the cruel practice of fur farming in the Czech Republic.


Please email the ambassador at this email address:

Below is a template for you to use if need.  Feel free to add your owns words.  Just copy and paste in your email and don’t forget to forward us any responses!


To: His Excellency Libor  Sečka

I understand that a group of MPs in the Czech Republic, including well-known politicians from across the political spectrum,  are supporting a new bill that would completely ban fur farms.

The Czech Republic currently has nine registered fur farms, where approximately 20 thousand mink and foxes are gassed or electrocuted every year. These farms have repeatedly been criticized both by NGOs and experts on animal welfare.

The suffering of mink and fox held in fur factory farms has been scientifically and comprehensively exposed in the Respect for Animals’ report unveiled at the European Parliament late last year.  An in-depth scientific analysis, the reports concludes: ‘It is impossible for the needs of mink and foxes to be met by the fur industry.  A ban is the only viable solution to the serious welfare concern highlighted in this report.’

Fur factory farming has already been banned in the UK, the Netherlands, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Macedonia.

As a citizen of a country that has successfully banned fur farming for many years, I urge you and your Government to join the many other countries that have come to the conclusion that fur factory farming is not compatible with a modern, compassionate society and to ban this cruel practice.

Yours faithfully,

[Your name]