‘SLAY’ documentary exposes the cruel fur fashion industry

The new documentary SLAY follows filmmaker Rebecca Cappelli as she exposes the fur, wool and leather fashion industry for its greenwashing and cruel treatment of animals. Produced by Keegan Kuhn (known for his work on What the Health and Cowspiracy), it features past footage from Respect for Animals detailing the fur trapping industry. Respect for Animals also advised on the project from the earliest stages.

From Europe to China, SLAY spans 5 continents as it uncovers the unethical practices of the fashion industry on a global scale, emphasising the horrific ways the animals are kept and killed, all in the name of fashion and profit. The documentary features interviews with animal welfare and sustainability experts, as well as representatives from the fur industry itself.

Cappelli spent the last 3 years investigating animal skins in fashion, examining the devastating impact on people, the environment and animals, and said:

If someone would have told me even half of what I discovered doing this film, I wouldn’t have believed it.”

The film is available to watch on the WaterBear Network, a free streaming platform dedicated to sustainability, activism, and conservation.