5 ways to help animals during the lockdown

Are you stuck for things to do during the lockdown? 
Here are 5 quick tasks to keep you busy and help the animals..

1. Sign our letter calling for Norway to end its cruel seal hunt
The Norwegian government has announced that the seal hunt can be conducted without an animal welfare inspector onboard this year. The reason is said to be risk of COVID-19.  Among the crews to go hunting without inspection this year, are crew members who have been convicted of animal cruelty after several offences during seal hunting in 2009. In 2010 these crew members received some of the highest fines ever given for animal cruelty in Norway.

This is unacceptable. Please sign our letter to help save the seals.

Take action for seals

2. Write to your MP for a fur-free UK.
Please contact your MP and ask them to sign EDM 267 calling for a ban on fur imports and sales.

See who has signed the motion so far here.

Twenty MPs have signed the motion already. If your MP is one then please thank them!
You can find a template email to copy and paste by clicking here or feel free to use your own words..   As the law stands, imports of fur are legal. The law must change. The import and sale of fur is allowed even though the main ways fur is obtained, including fur farming, are banned in Britain. Killing animals just for their fur is cruel and barbaric, and we must stop funding it by banning imports of real fur immediately. Fur import bans have been successfully implemented elsewhere. There is a EU-wide ban on the import of domestic cat and dog fur and California is banning the sale of real fur. The UK should take a lead and become the first country in the world to ban fur imports.

Take action for a Fur Free UK

3. Upload your #SayNoToFur selfie on social media
You can help us raise awareness about the need to stop the fur trade with just one quick flourish of your smart phone.  

Just take a picture of yourself holding our anti-fur poster .

Too many people are in ignorance about the truth behind real fur.  We can’t let fur creep back into fashion. Please upload your photo to social media, either with our poster or your own fur-free message, and use #SayNoToFur so we can admire your work as well! 

Say No To Fur!

4. Ask your council to go fur-free
Real fur has become more common on UK markets, so we decided to do something about it. 

We contacted every council about their fur policy and called on them to join our Fur Free Markets scheme. 

We then rated every one of them. Find out what score your council gets here.

We’ve found that nothing works as well as pressure from local residents. Please contact your councillors and ask them to join our Fur Free Markets scheme. 

Act Now

5. Donate to the campaign to stop the bloody fur trade
Even with the lockdown, our work doesn’t stop. 

Another big fur auction, by Kopenhagen Fur, is due to start imminently with millions of skins on offer. 

The fur trade is losing huge amounts of money during this crisis but we need to keep up the pressure or they will bounce back and kill even more animals in the future.

Help us help the animals during this lockdown. Donate today.

Donate to the campaign against real fur

Thank you for your support and stay healthy.