Breaking: Czech fur farming ban OFFICIAL!

Ban on fur farms had passed the Czech Senate and has now been signed into law by the President.

Last month, the Czech Senate finally approved the amendment of the law against cruelty to animals that proposes a full ban on the fur farms in the Czech Republic. In a historic, landslide vote 39 senators voted for the ban and 3 voted against.

Having passed the Chamber of Deputies, senators discussed the amendment until late night hours in a heated debate before the succesful vote. Today, the law was signed by the President meaning the ban on fur farms becomes effective. At present, the ban concerns 9 farms holding ten of thousands of mink and foxes. Scientists conclude that these animals are held under unsatisfactory conditions and killed in cruel ways, either by electricity or by exhaust fumes.

Lucie Moravcová from Czech organisation Svoboda zvířat, says: “We thank the senators for bringing us closer to the ban on farming of the so-called fur animals. We are glad that they consider, together with the public, killing animals for fashion’s sake only to be unethical anachronism. We believe that this is a result of a development of values in the whole Europe – the society becomes more conscious and considerate towards those who cannot defend themselves. We feel immense joy over the today decision. Passing the law that bans farming of the so-called fur animals represents a historical milestone in animal protection in our country. Our society has come to an agreement that animals are not only sentient beings that can feel pain and suffering, but that they also have right to have their own lives, valuable in themselves, and that this right stands superior to our needs for useless fashion.”

Lucie has been an instrumental figure in this landmark achievement, including translating of comprehensive scientific report, The Case Against Fur Factory Farming, into the Czech language from English, helping to persuade politicians of the overwhelming case to ban fur farming.



  • A public opinion survey conducted earlier this spring found that 83 % of the Czech Republic population agree with a law to close the fur farms;
  • The Czech Republic will join 13 other European countries, including the UK, that have already passed bans or legal regulations of the so-called fur animals farming;
  • The farming of the so-called fur animals in the Czech Republic from January 2019.