France is to ban fur farming!

The French government has announced that it will ban fur farming in France, as the momentum of the fur-free campaign sweeps across Europe.

There are currently four remaining fur farms in France. The government intends to phase out these farms by 2025.

Recently, our Fur Free Alliance colleague at One Voice, revealed the conditions on the remaining French fur farms. The footage showed the scale of animal suffering on fur farms, including open sores, stereotypical behaviour, cannibalism and self-inflicted wounds.

Last week, Respect for Animals wrote to the French Embassy calling for an urgent ban on fur farming. Members organisations of the Fur Free Alliance around the world did the same, as global pressure was put on the French government to act.

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Muriel Arnal, CEO of French animal protection organisation One Voice, says:

“What a hard fight… thanks to all our partners in the Fur Free Alliance for their help in the last moments. We finally have a ban. But it will take place in a very long time compared to the Netherlands. With only 4 remaining farms we expected a much stronger announcement. We will keep on fighting to close down these 4 farms before the deadline set by the ministry of Ecology.”