Furballs 3

(a guide to the stupid things the fur trade says)

Redmond O’Hanlon is a former Irish fur farmer who spoke to the Irish Mirror about the campaign to ban fur farming in Ireland.

Drawing on his own experiences as a fur farmer of 30 years, he explained that ‘mink were reared like our children’, which – given that fur farmed mink spend their whole lives in cramped, barren wire cages – will hopefully make neighbours think twice before asking the O’Hanlon family to babysit in the future.  

Mr O’Hanlon’s arguments were so compelling that the government confirmed within days that it was changing its policy to support a ban on fur farming in Ireland.

No. 3

About Furballs

Introducing our new series, called ‘FurBalls’, where we will be chronicling the many varied, staggering, indeed shockingly stupid things uttered by fur trade apologists. Believe us, there’s a lot.

While it’s good to laugh, we can’t forget that these people are involved in an industry and trade that is responsible for the terrible suffering and deaths of millions upon millions of innocent animals every year. Why? Simply for the whims of fashion. It’s cruel and unnecessary.

Let’s #MakeFurHistory.