City of Hallandale Beach (Florida) bans fur sales

The number of fur sales bans continues to rise in the US as, on November 17 2021, the Hallandale Beach City Commission voted 5-0 to ban the sale of new fur products. Hallandale Beach is the first city in the State of Florida to pass this ordinance. The ordinance takes effect immediately.

The ordinance was sponsored by Commissioners Michele Lazarow and Anabelle Taub-Lima.

Commissioner Anabelle Taub-Lima said:

“As a fiscally conservative lawmaker who believes that free enterprise is a moral imperative, sponsoring a fur sales ban due to the unspeakable cruelty to over 100 million animals killed yearly to supply the fashion industry, it comes down to right vs. wrong. If the multi-billion-dollar luxury fashion label stakeholders are choosing to be on the right side, I am proud to stand behind the principles of morality.”

California banned fur sales in 2019 following the passage of similar measures in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berkley and West Hollywood. Wellesley and Weston, Massachusetts, Ann Arbor, Michigan and Boulder (CO) have voted to end fur sales. Internationally, Israel became the first country to ban fur sales earlier this year.