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This Christmas, we go into the New Year in as strong a position as we have ever been.

The past year has seen Respect for Animals stay a global leader in the campaign to make fur history. Our campaigns, expertise and reports are influencing retailers, consumers and legislators – from your local council, to the British government, to the European Commission. 

It is your support that allows our campaigns to be so successful. It is your support that keeps alive our dream of ending the cruel fur trade.

The fur industry is in dire straits. But the job is not yet done and they are already fighting back hard. We must not let them succeed.

We have big plans coming up for 2022 and can’t wait to share them with you. 

Please can you help out by making a donation to our special Christmas Appeal to help us make 2022 our most successful year yet and bring the demise of the fur trade much closer. 

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