Ireland: fur farming ban included in Programme For Government document

Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and the Green Party are set to form the next Irish government, with all three parties agreeing on a programme of government this afternoon. Respect for Animals is delighted that the document includes a firm commitment to end fur farming in Ireland as a matter of urgency.

Once the document, known as “Our Shared Future,” is signed off by parliamentary members of each party, the next prime minister, or Taoiseach, will be confirmed with the three parties entering into a coalition.

Here is the key part of the document in relation to fur farming:

• Immediately prioritise the drafting of legislation for the phasing out of fur-farming, publishing legislation in this area as soon as possible.

The moment when fur farming is finally banned in Ireland is now much closer!

The Cabinet agreed in July last year to produce legislation to finally end fur farming in the country. This came after a strong campaign in which Respect for Animals was closely involved, along with animal protection groups NARA and ISPCA. However, the legislation has been delayed, not least because of issues faced by the Irish government (and DAFM in particular) due to the challenges of Brexit, a snap general election- which transformed the political landscape- and, of course, the current coronavirus crisis. There are curretly three fur farms in Ireland, with around 190,000 mink housed in cages and factory farm conditions.

Last month, a spokesperson told us:

DAFM is in the process of preparing a Bill to provide for the phased introduction of a ban on fur farming which will include a prohibition on mink farming. Along with animal welfare considerations, social and economic aspects in relation to the industry need to be taken into account, provide for an orderly wind down of the sector and allow time for employees to find alternative opportunities. The necessary work to prepare the appropriate legislation is ongoing within the Department. It is not envisaged that the Covid-19 pandemic will have any effect on this process.

  • Find the Programme for Government document here: