Jane Halevy Moreno, December 2018

My name is Jane Halevy Moreno, I am a Vegan Animal Rights activist and mom of 2 boys. I had founded International Anti Fur Coalition movement as I decided to focus my efforts on the fur industry when I first saw the horrific footage of an animal suffering imposed by the very cruel fur industry/ “Blood Fashion”.

“I saw a beautiful animal torn apart, brutally beaten, then hanged by his legs to be skinned alive and thrown into a pile of other dead bodies. I saw darkness and how hell looks on earth for the animals that humans failed to protect,”. For the last 15 years, I have been organizing and participating in countless animal rights protests and coordinating worldwide anti-fur protests, together with Mitzi Ocean and an amazing IAFC team; All very dedicated and passionate about helping to put an end to this atrocity. Fur industry victims cannot speak or fight back, but we can.

My message to All Animal Rights activists worldwide, Animal Revolutionary People! Thank you for all you do, for standing up and speaking up for those who cannot, for never giving up the struggle. Everything we do does matter: We have to keep supporting and inspiring each other on our path and our will to seek justice. “They tried to bury us, they didn’t know we were seeds.” Always keep in mind that people will try to silence you, pull you away and down, harm and bury your projects, but your deeds for helping ‘others’ are seeds, and seeds cannot be buried. So thank you for caring, sowing, acting and making a difference. 

About the bills to ban fur worldwide and the catalyst bill in Israel:

” Nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come.” It’s all about moral justice: The fur trade must become illegal. Cities & States must pass bills to ban the sale of fur. Local bans will become global. Do not let anyone tell you it is not possible, because we ( AR advocates worldwide) have ALREADY made it possible. West Hollywood, São Paulo/ Brazil, Berkeley USA, San Francisco USA, Los Angeles USA, and other locations, have all banned the sale of fur. Since 2009, the ‘International Anti-Fur Coalition’ had led the bill to ban the sale of fur in Israel, unfortunately Israel did not pass the bill yet, but It continues to aspire and inspire so please stay tuned for more information to come. The snowball is rolling down a hill & The domino theory is real. Nothing can, nor will stop us! Join us in making the fur industry/ Blood Fashion, a thing of the past! Thank You, for the animals! 💖


Here is my poem dedicated to all the victims of Blood Fashion/ The fur industry

I am Sorry.

I am sorry for all the human wrongs and the apathy,

I am sorry our earth became your hell and a place of agony,

I am sorry that you had only known a world of misery.

I am sorry for your life sentence in tiny dirty cages,

I am sorry for your merciless slayers of the dark ages.

I am sorry for the hurt, the loss, the torment and the greed,

I am sorry you had been scared, beaten, ripped apart and broken.

I am sorry you had never known any form of human kindness,

I am sorry for the love you had never felt, and for the distress.

I am sorry for your isolation, sadness and shattered families,

I am sorry I belong to the most inhumane and destructive species.

I am sorry for your pain and suffering, for the callous silence,

I am sorry for the arrogance, ignorance and for the heinous vanity.

I am sorry for all your stolen coats turned into bloody money.

I am so sorry for your brutal slaughter, violent death and war cry,

I am so sorry I failed to protect you, but I never failed to always try,

I never failed to be your witness and your voice in the darkness.

I’ll never fail to be a ‘Rebel WITH a cause’. A warrior,

And your forever selfless, love soldier.