Research shows that being ‘fur-free’ offers the boost that fashion brands crave.

The global research consultancy Sigwatch has found that luxury fashion houses have dominated the top ten corporate brands most praised by activists and NGOs in the third quarter of this year. All the fashion brands listed have one thing in common: they have all stopped using real fur.

This analysis provides yet more evidence that fashion brands have much to gain by going fur-free. Not only are they taking an ethical decision for animal welfare and the environment and helping to reduce demand for  fur, they also have improved the reputation and public perception of their brand.

Fur- free is good for animals, good for fashion and good for business.

A statement from Sigwatch explained that: “according to SIGWATCH analysis, activist targeting of high end fashion brands has risen sharply in recent months, as NGOs have taken advantage of the Autumn/ Winter shows to extract new fur-free commitments and thwart any possible rehabilitation of fur from the fashion elite. Luxury brands  have risen to the challenge, with Burberry the latest fashion house to commit to phasing out fur. The  British label debuted its first furless collection under new designer Riccardo Tisci at London Fashion  Week in September”.


Robert Blood, managing director of SIGWATCH said, “For the first time this year, luxury fashion has

entered the top ten of companies most praised by NGOs.  This is because activists have put brands on the spot to extract fur-free commitments.

 “We are seeing a growing move towards ethical fashion, as indicated by this year’s London Fashion

Week going fur-free, when it looked just a few years ago that fur would be rehabilitated. 

Campaigners are praising brands that swing their way – recognising them for their efforts, but also

holding them up as positive examples for the rest of the fashion world to follow.”


Companies most praised by activists in Q3, 2018:

  1. Allianz Group
  2. Swiss Re
  3. Burberry – fur free fashion
  4. Gucci- fur free fashion
  5. Versace- fur free fashion
  6. LVMH Group
  7. Michael Kors- fur free fashion
  8. Jimmy Choo- fur free fashion
  9. Aviva
  10. Scor Se

SIGWATCH is a global research and strategy consultancy specializing in understanding NGOs (activist groups) and the impact of their campaigns on corporate reputation and social responsibility.  It is headquartered in London, United Kingdom with a global network of researchers and analysts.