Save The Seals

Save The Seals: Canada 2017

Take Action NOW.

Every year off the east coast of Canada, out of season fishermen brutally kill thousands of baby seals – just for their fur. Their skinned carcasses are left to rot.  These beautiful, innocent animals are clubbed or shot before being skinned… all for a product that NO ONE needs!

Repelled by the extreme cruelty, the European Union has now banned the sale of seal products, yet the Canadian government refuses to act to end the killing-ignoring world opinion.

You can make your opinion known by getting involved in our Save the Seals campaigns:

Ask Canada’s new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, to end the brutal seal hunt. 

Click to view our template letter and add your name.

Boycott Canada

Don’t visit Canada as a tourist for as long as the seal hunt is allowed. A beautful country’s international reputation is tarnished by the bloody seal kill.   You can email Mr Gordon Campbell,  the Canadian High Commissioner, explaining your decision and your opposition to the hunt by clicking here.

Boycott Canadian goods

The same fishermen who kill these beautiful seals catch seafood that finds it way onto our supermarket shelves, especially lobster, prawns and scallops.  Check your supermarket labels and let us know what other Canadian goods (such as maple syrup) are being sold in your local shop.

Donate to Respect for Animals

We led the successful campaign to ban seal imports into the EU, but we need to do more to finally end the seal hunt forever. We rely entirely on donations, please help us in any way you can.

Buy ‘Save The Seals’ goodies from the Respect for Animals shop.

Help yourself to a tote bag and spread the message.


Click here the read our Save The Seals facts page.