Shocking suffering revealed on Canadian mink fur farm.

New undercover footage from a Canadian fur farm has resulted in charges of 14 counts of animal cruelty.  The Los Angeles-based Last Chance For Animals organisation gathered the footage over a period of 12 months. The investigation documents the type of horrific suffering on a mink farm that is all too common and why fur farming worldwide has to be banned.

Apologists for the fur trade and anyone wearing real fur should be utterly ashamed and have the blood and suffering of these animals firmly at their door.

Animals can be seen with horrific open, untreated wounds and infections. The suffering to the mink that is caused by these wounds can scarcely be imagined. Further outrageous welfare failings include inadequate shelter, sanitation and food supplies.  Millbank fur farm has around 40,000 mink on site.

With the evidence collected Last Chance For Animals, Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals announced that the Ontario mink farm was charged with 14 counts of animal cruelty. 

 In Canada, more than three million animals are killed annually for their fur.

 Warning: this footage shows extreme and upsetting animal suffering.


The sheer horror of the footage is a damning indictment of the moral bankruptcy of the barbaric fur industry. All fur retailers, fur wearers and industry apologists must be condemned for their association with such extreme animal suffering. Shame on them.

This is not a one-off. Fur farming is inherently cruel. All mink farms keep the animals in tiny, barren wire cages, where mental and physical distress are agonisingly common.

This new footage cannot be dismissed as an aberration sourced from China or similar. It comes from Canada, one of the countries the fur industry claims to produce ‘ethical’ fur.  Yet again the fur industry’s welfare claims are exposed and shamed .

Respect for Animals cannot praise Last Chance For Animals highly enough for their vital work in highlighting these horrors to the world.

The footage again illustrates why the UK banned fur farming over 15 years ago, but fur from these sources is still imported into the country.  Respect for Animals calls on the government, and the Environment, Food & Rural Affairs Select Committee (currently conducting an inquiry into the fur trade), to back an import ban if and when the UK leaves the European Union.