Slovakian parliament votes to ban fur farming

The Slovak National Council (the Slovakian parliament) has approved a ban on fur production, making Slovakia the 15th European country to end fur farming. The legislation, that will go into effect in 2021, passed with an overwhelming majority vote of 107 out of 150 from across the political spectrum and includes a phase-out period for existing farms until 2025.

The ban was proposed by SNS (Slovak national party) after the second-largest online campaign in Slovakian history, which collected more than 76,000 signatures in under 6 months. The campaign followed publishing of investigation footage from a fur farm in northern Slovakia, which had exposed horrible conditions of minks without proper access to water, with open wounds, repetitive behaviour and signs of cannibalism. Slovakia currently has one operational mink farm, with a capacity of up to 5000 animals.

Slovakia has seen fur farming ban campaigns in the past but without success.

Martin Smrek, president of Humánny Pokrok, said:

It is a big victory for animals and a sign, that Slovak society is progressing and tens of thousands of people are ready to stand up for the animals and their protection. Slovakia has made a big step forward today and we hope that this is the beginning of a new brighter future for animals in our country.”

The last step will be signing of the law by the president, who already voiced her support for the fur farming ban shortly after the launch of the campaign.

  • Respect for Animals has worked closely with local activists in support of the fur farming ban in Bosnia in recent years. Documents from the Bosnia- Herzegovina State Veterinary Office now confirm that all 60 chinchillas fur farms in the country have closed. There now only remain a small number of mink fur farms.