The Grand Tour Of Shame?

Amazon’s popular show ‘The Grand Tour’ recently returned for its second series, but viewers have been in touch with Respect for Animals about their huge disappointment at the consistent wearing of real fur seen on their screens. All three presenters- Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May- wore Canada Goose jackets, complete with real coyote fur trim.

These fur trims come from the cruellest methods. The leg-hold trap is most commonly used, where the metal jaws slam shut violently leaving the trapped animal in agony and desperation for hours until the trapper returns.  They are then usually killed by suffocation – a horrific death- to protect the pelt. Some animals escape before the trapper returns only by chewing off their own trapped limbs.

There is no justification for this cruelty, it is simply a grotesque luxury. The Grand Tour gains nothing by implicitly supporting one of the most unethical industries in the world: the fur industry.

Thank you to those of you who got in touch with us about this.

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